TLG is only as good as its people.  Our clients are demanding, so our people must be even more so.  We seek the best.  Our team holds degrees from the world's top universities.  Equally important, we seek out and celebrate exceptional practical experience in project development, corporate finance, market operations, and regulation.  Together, our people deliver robust quantitative analysis wherever we believe it can help our client make better decisions.  We provide well-grounded, clearly explained and actionable insights.  And we can conduct and deliver our work in a wide range of Asian languages. 

Ask yourself a question.  Are you sure that someone based several time zones away is going to understand the key nuances of your situation?  And if, in the end, their advice does not jibe with your thinking, will you still take it, or will the possibility that they missed something haunt your thinking. 

TLG is your local, global, economic consulting firm to the energy sector for problems that matter.





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