Energy Transition and Sustainability

We work with clients across the region with commitments to:

  • RE100
  • Science Based Targets
  • Apple Clean Energy Program
  • Google 24/7 CFE
  • And many others.

Our work involves:

  • Market forecasting and analytics
  • Training and education
  • Procurement support
  • Policy shaping
  • Standards review

Emissions Reduction Challenges for Major C&I Stakeholders

  • REC market formation, policy support, and market value forecasts
  • RE procurement
  • Market design and development challenges
  • Market tracking and stakeholder engagement

RE and New ‘Clean’ Technology Opportunity and Risks

  • Market simulation and addressable market review of new and old technology
  • Value implications for existing assets, de-velopment prospects, or acquisition target assets
  • Business strategy review or development 
  • Hydrogen implications for Asia Pacific en-ergy markets
  • Role and analysis of storage (different types)
  • Policy and regulatory frameworks for pro-moting energy transition and for managing legacy exposure

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