We help potential acquirers, project sponsors, sellers and lenders evaluate the value of electricity, gas, and associated network assets throughout the Asia Pacific region. 

TLG and our senior team have been leaders in advising stakeholders on transactions in the electricity and natural gas space across the region for nearly two decades. 

Our clients are both regional and international.  Our transaction, procurement, and energy infrastructure-related work spans from Pakistan in the west to Japan in the east, Mongolia in the north to New Zealand in the south. 

In virtually every market we have developed a model of the relevant market, or other relevant regulatory / planning / contracting, dynamics, whether it is a merchant market like Philippines, Singapore or Australia, or singlebuyer and hybrid markets like South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, or PPA markets like Taiwan, Indonesia, and throughout ASEAN and South Asia.  Our work in China and Japan increasingly incorporates insights from our modelling capabilities and frameworks as well as from our on-the-ground teams. 

In each of these regions, The Lantau Group has been entrusted by a broad range of investing stakeholders, market participants, governments and regulators, incumbents and entrants, suppliers, and end users.

For more information on our commercial capabilities, please contact us here.

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