Our work in regulation and markets goes right to the heart of the most crucial efficiency and equity issues.

Whether it is about pricing and incentives; market design; cost of capital; investment; planning; demand forecasting; governance; functional unbundling; tendering and auctions; cost-benefit analysis; market power; third party access; stranded costs; or simply unpacking and understanding the likely impacts of the latest disruptive trend; we work to deliver robust answers to the toughest questions.

Our advice has helped businesses understand and manage their regulatory risks, while helping them to engage more fully in competitive markets, boosting commerciality and profitability.

We work closely with regulators and government agencies across Asia Pacific, helping to design economically efficient markets and regulatory mechanisms that fairly address competing stakeholder concerns.


Not all markets are the same.  Understanding how different market designs function is core to our work. 

From the competitive electricity markets of Singapore and the Philippines and the monopsony model of Malaysia and Thailand, to transitionary markets such as found in Cambodia or Vietnam and the capacity markets of Western Australia and South Korea, The Lantau Group has the experienced understanding you need.

We understand, too, the social, cultural and political back-drop to Asia Pacific’s different market designs, helping you understand what is feasible and what is not.

We help clients understand, enter and succeed in energy markets across the region.


For those looking to the unique opportunities of the world's largest power market, our deep understanding of China's energy sector will help you navigate its unique challenges.

Our in-house team of China experts have over thirty years of experience between them and are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, enabling them to communicate with any China-based audience.

We help international firms seeking greater clarity on the risks, opportunities and regulations of business in China.  Whatever your China needs, we have the specialist knowledge to help.


For more information on our regulation and markets capabilities, please contact us here.

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