The Deep Analytics Resources and Tools (DART) initiative at TLG is all about the specialist nature of solutions to complex energy challenges. 

The importance of advanced analytics to our success to date and any success we might hope to have in the future cannot be over-stressed.  DART@TLG supports our client and internal initiatives requiring advanced analytical capabilities, mastery of big data sets, application of machine learning techniques, development of specialised forecasting tools, as well as the evolution and application of our powerful QUAFU market simulation modelling framework.  

We utilise simulation frameworks for almost every market in the Asia Pacific region using our constantly evolving QUAFU modelling tools.  As problems become more complex and granular, we add new capabilities to our growing tool kit.  We also partner with our long-term clients on deep analytics issues, provide deep integration support, tools, and strategic advisory.


  • Broad market simulation models for transactions, planning, and strategy development across increasingly complex and numerous value streams;
  • Narrow, specialised models of the value of idiosyncratic performance characteristics (storage, ramping);
  • Demand forecasting using deep analytics of emerging trends;
  • Managing, cleaning, and analysing massive amounts of AMI data for developing smarter pricing strategies;
  • Systematic commodity market analysis of price spreads and levels incorporating consistent combinations of forward data and expert views;
  • Bidding behaviour and market power mitigation;
  • Interactive models that provide more intuitive technology cost and performance assessments;
  • Voting, ranking, and choice analytics for multi-attribute tender evaluation;
  • Determination of capacity contribution value (‘relevant level’) in capacity resource markets;
  • Structured data analysis and development of market models for each major Asia Pacific market; 
  • Data and analytics support to TLG’s publications and subscriptions services; and
  • Bespoke modelling and analytics for complex / hybrid energy+ applications.

For more information on our deep analytics capabilities, please contact us here.

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