We help clients identify, anticipate and manage future risks and opportunities

Insightful Analysis, Rigiorously Applied

We work with regulators, policy-makers and market stakeholders to create value through better markets and smarter regulation. Whether the issues involve assessing the existence and impact of market power or the incentives created by performance-based regulation, we apply economic theory rigorously and with a thorough understanding of the commercial complexities of the energy sector.

The temptation in a complex world is to seek false comfort in oversimplification. The reality is that not everything is quite so simple. Convenient neglect or oversimplication today often leads to a much larger problem tomorrow. We understand how each Asian market is different and how Asia differs from the rest of the world. Our advice is local, but globally aware.



  • In depth review of retail electricity tariff rates and structures for utilities globally to show not just why tariffs differ but what those differences mean in terms of regulatory management challenges

  • Review of demand side management programs among major electric companies globally to identify trends and anticipate risks associated with developing a suite of local initiatives

  • Review of cost-based pool arrangements, capacity remuneration mechanisms and market outcomes to support recommendations for change

  • We work throughout the region, with the capacity and language capabilities to cover greater China, Korea, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand
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