We help our clients make better decisions.

Building Roadmaps to Better Decisions

Robust strategies for disruptive times depend on structured thinking, deep industry knowledge and robust analytics. We combine structured thinking with the discipline and rigour of fact-based, economic analysis, a quantitative focus and a deep understanding of commercial realities. We look for questions that have not been considered, risks that have not been covered and opportunities that are not so obvious. Our team combines expertise in significant aspects of the power sector vertical. Where something extra is needed, we tap a vast network of former colleagues, acknowledged experts and experienced leaders.

It is common to want a strategy to deal with a particular view of the future. But often what is needed, and what is truly valuable, is a strategy that responds well to the fact that future is, itself, uncertain. We help our clients to think rigorously about the evolving power sector and then to master the art of thriving through disruption. Our work can be outwardly directed, including efforts to shape regulation or market developments to address looming needs. Or our work can be inwardly directed, focused on enhancing business capabilities to deal with change.




  • Market entry strategies for deployment of energy storage solutions in Asia Pacific markets

  • Market entry strategy for deployment of fast response generation in Australia and parts of Asia

  • Reviewing our client's corporate strategic direction in relation to expansion investments throughout the Asia Pacific region

  • Developing a strategic roadmap for a major Asian utility facing significant regulatory and fuel access challenges

  • Provided comprehensive regulatory and business strategy support to a major power sector stakeholder in Asia

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